November 1, 2012

Who hoo! ‘Movie Thoughts In Courier’ is back!

You made my day! I always think that no one notices if I have or haven’t done one of my silly recurring features - or if new followers even know what this dumb stuff is.

So thanks.

For anyone too suicidally bored to fulfill the regular responsibilities of normal life inclined to see a link-list of those features, here it be.

And if you do know this list, are there any you miss seeing? Anything you hate and wish it would go away?

  1. seltzerlizard answered: I like your recurrent features. I like ‘em all.
  2. captainsunbeam answered: I always like a good Disappointed Dad Batman.
  3. 17272dorsetave answered: I love Sarah Connor, Gary Oldman, Movie Thoughts, and my new fave Revisionist George Lucas. They make my day!
  4. thegirlwiththeblackcherryeyes answered: Always more Gary Oldman. Always.
  5. burbanked posted this
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