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Welcome to the Burbanked Tumblr site.

I’m Alan Lopuszynski, a marketing guy, former Hollywood D-guy and corporate drone based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I spent nearly a decade toiling in semi-obscurity in the development trenches of the Hollywood studio system, most of that time at Warner Bros. where I read roughly 14,238 screenplays and enjoyed about 20 of them. I played a small but critical – critical! – part in the development and production of about three movies.

At Burbanked, I post and reblog pictures, videos and news bits about the movies, movie marketing, reviews, celebrities and action figures that most accurately resemble movie actors. If it’s about the movies and it made me laugh or annoyed, it will find its way here.

Yes: I may find an image or GIF or video on your site and I may alter it in some rudimentary way in order to make a joke out of it.

Yes: if I do so, I will always credit the source to you and/or to the source where you found it.

Yes: If I don’t, please let me know and I’ll fix it.

Oh and Michael Bay is the perfect embodiment of the devil that Aaron describes in Broadcast News. Any and everything that supports this view will likely be posted here.

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